Various & Gould

The Berlin based artist duo Various & Gould works in close collaboration since 2005. What Various & Gould stand for is the art of reinventing themselves every time anew.

Their mutual creation is based on the simple but striking formula 1+1=3. Whilst methods of screen-printing and collage are their speciality, their art can also emerge in a public performance or an installation, as they like crossing borders and don’t stick to a certain medium. Mutual passions that include their love of paper, enthusiasm for accidental beauty in everyday life and art in urban space form the core of their artistic practice.

Various & Gould often deal with socially prominent themes such as work, migration, (sexual) identity, death, religion or the financial crisis, in a playful, intuitive manner. Influenced by (political) poster graphics, Dada and also Pop Art, vivid colors combined with typography and encrypted messages are characteristics for their work.

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