Rafael Gerlach (a.k.a. SatOne) was born in Venezuela in 1977 and grew up in Munich, Germany. Gerlach, a trained graphic designer, developed an interest in graffiti at a young age and sought to develop his own style, influenced by the classics and history, to disrupt superficial beauty in street art.

Gerlach constructs a formal yet intangible world by melding non-Euclidian abstractions and futuristic forms—a world in which shapes and forms exist outside of the laws of physics and mathematics.

Gerlach‘s work walks a tightrope between constructivism and futurism—where clarity of form and an avoidance of classical geometry intersect. He depicts microscopic forms and quantum physics in a bold and visionary way and fantasies of hyperspace and reality in a style reminiscent of classic science-fiction artwork. With his complexity and precision, Gerlach is the architect of a parallel universe in which its physical form only takes shape as the distance from Earth‘s gravitational force becomes greater.

Space without dimension; form without mass; time without linearity—the unknown, incomprehensible and opaque follow as a dark shadow as we travel through Garlech‘s imagination.

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