Patrick Hartl

Handwriting and lettering is his passion. Patrick did his first graffiti in the age of 15, at university he discovered his passion for calligraphy. His works reflect his roots and inspiration: Layer after layer Logos, Characters, Calligraphy, Tags, Posters overlay each other. Patrick Hartl creates his own wall, independent of the material he works with. Patrick connects old craftsmanship with modern streetstyle – with a fantastic result. A master of handcrafted designs and analog works, and one of the foremost urban calligraphers, Patrick has been involved in making art for almost two decades, and his oeuvre has been exhibited in cities from New York to Buenos Aires to Munich. An avid collaborator, Patrick belongs to the 50 “Calligraffiti Ambassadors” in the world and has painted murals across Germany and beyond.

In 2016 Patrick and Christian started the project „Layer Cake“ in which they merge their individual styles to exciting abstract compositions on canvases.

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