MadC was born in 1980 as Claudia Walde in Bautzen, Saxony. She has been an active part of the graffiti and street art scene for twenty years until the girl with the spray can became one of the most famous graffiti artists in the world. She got her degree in graphic design at two universities and published three books about street art. Her acrylic and aquarelle canvasses are shown in solo and group exhibitions worldwide. But she always had this special and direct connection to the street, which comes through in the countless colourful murals she leaves like a trace all over the world. The 500Wall in Leipzig, Lady Digby in Dulwich, London, the mural in the Théâtre Jean-Vilar South of Paris or her newest work she painted as a guest of the renowned Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia, PA – all of these supersized paintings show her characteristic transparent style and vivid strong colours. Not long ago MadC set foot on new paths and developed a dynamic installation of her accessible home for a solo show in Paris. With her work she focuses on calligraphy and transparency, which shine through all layers and thus capture the energy of the street without using its direct picture language.

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